What is the Ocean List?

Ocean List (Light of the Supernatural Knowledge) is an English and Urdu blogging website that provides information on various topics. Our site is one of the top 10 English and Urdu blogging sites in Pakistan.

Our team works to gather information on a variety of topics and pass it on to readers, including many authors who write on a variety of topics according to their interests.

All of these authors are graduates and postgraduates, many of whom are postgraduates in technical fields, but due to their interest in writing, they write regularly for the Ocean List.

The list of oceans contains information on topics related to life, festivals, general knowledge, government، business idea schemes, poems, stories, and finances. Our authors work hard to provide all the information by researching all these topics and creating content according to the interest and desires of our readers.

Our blog has also been instrumental in making a large amount of content available on the Internet in English and Urdu, thanks to our authors who work day and night for us. Now you know about my blog, which tells you what you can read, but.

Now you know about my blog, which tells you what you can read, but now we go back a little bit and tell you how I became a blogger and how to become a team by ocean list.


My name is Mohsin Ali and I live in Kamoki, a small town in Punjab. I have done engineering at Punjab University Institute of Technology [MNIT Punjab]. I started my first job with Ooredoo Consultancy Services, I still love my first job. Even today, I share my first job experience with a member of my team.

After that, I got a job in Oman which I left in February 2014 for blogging. Today I own the Sea List Net blogging site and I have created a better employment platform for women through my blog and I am happy that I have tried to empower women by creating jobs in the development of the country. And my efforts are continuing. Success.

How do I become a blogger?

It’s only natural that a blogger would love to read and write and understand the Internet a little bit. I was like that too but as a software engineer, it was not easy for me to spend much time. Even then I used to give myself time to write and publish something which made me know a little bit about blogging but I never thought of making it a profession.

How did the English and Urdu blogs of the sea come to be? We thought of doing something that would benefit the people and we started giving information to the people, especially to start a new business. Started writing articles that benefited the people a lot.

How did I decide to quit my job?

The blog was created and we put all kinds of articles in it. While working on the blog, we met some other people who were interested in writing and we added them to our team, so our blog grew day by day and so did our team.

Looking at this work environment of the sea list, I also did not look at my job, I also had to do something new. At the same time, I did not consider it appropriate to work on a blog while living in the software sector, as I believed from the beginning that “we should be on the same kayak” because of the different working sectors.

While living, we do justice to someone. Can’t and it was against my principles. Thus, in 2014, I registered and gave my family two months. While living in Kamoke, Punjab, I went with my whole family to visit my loved ones. I shared the freedom I got from my job with my loved ones. Thus, in May 2014, with Ankita, and his team became fully involved in the Ocean List.

Moving on, we came down.

Now my dream was to make Samandar List the number one blog in English and Urdu. So far we have been performing well. I was sure that my work experience would give me more success in my blog. But a new update from Google came in 2014 and all of a sudden my site traffic went down. Our blog was not reaching people or we had no knowledge of SEO.

I quit my job but this kind of experience was completely new to me, the opposite happened to me thinking that I quit my job. I was worried about myself. Everyone said that I should go back to the field of software because I was responsible for the family but my mind was not ready to accept it.

The decision to Ocean List in English and Urdu

By now many people had joined my team who were passionate about the ocean List blog. There was a time when I thought I’d close this blog, but now the Ocean List was not just mine, it belonged to a lot of people, so we couldn’t close it because for a writer his blog Is recognized, maybe that’s why for my team. For her, the ocean list was like a baby to her mother.

In the midst of so many disappointments, our attachment to the Ocean List was our greatest courage. Now we start working anew. There are all women in my team except me, our ocean list is the center of women’s power, that’s why I said that my team’s relationship with ocean list is like mother and child because if women do any work, they should do it together. Both heart and mind.

Leaving all the negativity behind, we got off to a better start. Now the most important thing was to understand SEO, which I did myself, which I started gaining with my experiences and sharing everything with my team. Slowly the traffic on the ocean list began to increase.

The Ocean List became an example of women’s empowerment.

As the list goes on and on, the team continues to grow and set a good example of women’s empowerment. Along with the Diwali experience came the confidence I lost in May 2014.

My friend liked it so much that she quit her job and joined us. She was a lecturer at Punjab University but she chose the list of oceans because such work is like a gift from God to a woman as she works through it to give full time to her family and children. Is capable.

After joining Sobia’s team, it occurred to me that it is true that this work is very good for a woman and since then we have given maximum opportunity to women so that they can identify themselves without sacrificing.

Making is a great form of women’s empowerment, brought here by women’s hard work. Today, after all the hard work of all the members of our team, today is the form of the Ocean List where we want to close this blog but our heart did not allow us and because of this voice of our heart, we are at this stage today.

Are After joining Sobia’s team, it occurred to me that it is true that this work is very good for a woman and since then we have given maximum opportunity to women so that they can identify themselves without sacrificing. Could make. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Admin Email ✉️ Addressinfomohsinseo@gmail.com
Admin Email ✉️ Addressinfoseomohsin@gmail.com
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