Creed III – Movie Review (2023)| The Glorious Masculine Melodrama of Creed III

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Creed III Adonis is thriving in his career and family life, but when a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy resurfaces, the showdown is more than a fight.

movie review Creed III Storyline

creed three is Michael B Jordan’s directorial debut, and he once again stars as Adonis creed, and this time creed has been thriving in both his career and family life. But when a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy, Damian, played by Jonathan majors, resurfaces after serving a long sentence in prison, he’s eager to prove that he deserves his shot in the ring, which leads to a faceoff between former friends.

I love a lot of the Rocky movies, obviously the first one. I’m a huge fan of Rocky Balboa. I love creed. And I loved creed too. Plenty of Rocky movies are amusing, guilty pleasures for me.

And so, of course, I was looking forward to seeing this, but also because I wanted to see what Michael B Jordan would do behind the camera for so many reasons, including the fact that he’s an anime fan, which we’ll talk about later.

It’s also tough to talk about this movie without acknowledging that Sylvester Stallone, as Rocky Balboa, is not in the film. And so, of course, people will go to this movie, wondering where he is. And there’s a lot of things behind the scenes that I’m not privy to that I don’t care to discuss; he’s talked a lot about issues with a producer who owns Rocky, and he’s been very vocal about that.

And it sucks that someone who created a character doesn’t own a sad character. But that’s a lot of business stuff. We will not talk about it her I’m here to talk about creed three, which I had a good time with.

I think it’s a very well-made movie, especially for a first-time director like Michael B. Jordan to take on a project of this size, where he’s also the star. This is a massive first movie with a big budget and legacy, and it’s a lot of pressure.

And I think he succeeded. I think creed three is an entertaining movie. It has great, anime-inspired fight sequences; the movie opens with a flashback where he’s young and has a Naruto poster on his wall. So clearly, he’s upfront about his inspirations for some of these fight scenes.

And I love that he is because so many directors have borrowed from, paid homage to, and even stolen from anime. And they never talk about it. They don’t acknowledge it. They don’t let people know where their inspirations are coming from. They’d like to make it seem like it’s all their original stuff.

But Michael B Jordan has already been very vocal about his anime inspirations. And it’s nice to see that we’re getting to that point where people who love anime, and it’s been a major part of their life, are getting to make films now.

It’s cool to see a moment during the final fight that reminded me of Majin Vegeta versus Goku. And I won’t lie; I got goosebumps. And I got excited because I could see where his love of that was seeping into the fight scenes; he does this cool thing where he’ll slow down the fight for a second, we’re creative sort of analyzing his opponent’s body and his muscles and where he could potentially injure them.

It’s inspiring. He does a phenomenal job with these fight scenes. But the film is also very heartfelt, namely, in their relationship with his young daughter, which I found very touching. But of course, where the movie is most interested in drama is the relationship between creed and Damian, and the fact that they have this past that is murky, and there have been issues between them.

And Jonathan Major is truly a revelation in this movie. I saw Ant-Man, and many people talked about King and the things people said about King and Ant-Man; I felt here in creed three; I think Jonathan majors is just marvelous.

The character is a great villain and a great opponent for creed because he can physically challenge him, but he can emotionally challenge them because they have a history together. And the situation isn’t entirely concrete; nothing about it feels resolved. So across, board performances are fantastic.

Michael B. Jordan is excellent. The fight direction is good. The emotion is there, but people will probably ask where Rocky is. Now when it comes to me. I no longer need Rocky Balboa to be in a creed movie for me to want to see it and be interested.

The past two creed films have established Adonis as a character I want to watch. I don’t need Rocky Balboa to be in the movie for me to be interested. But the past few films have also established a storyline. And there are two specific moments in this movie where it’s strange that rocky isn’t present.

And that’s unfortunate because it is just contracts, documents, grudges, and random things behind the scenes affecting a story. That sucks. But at the end of the day, I think Michael B Jordan did a fantastic job. He’s been privy to watching some of the best filmmakers, working on movies, and being on some of the biggest sets and learning a lot, and as an actor, he’s given a lot of that back to his mind.

actors in this film, and as an anime fan, I saw many things that inspired him, which was just cool. I think he has done a great job with this movie. I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you see it when it comes out IMDB.

Creed 3 Full movie Cast & Crew

  • Directed by Michael B Jordan
    • Writing credits
  • Screenplay by
    • Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin
  • story by
    • Ryan Coogler and Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin
  • Cast 75
    • Michael B. Jordan Adonis Creed
    • Tessa Thompson Bianca Creed
    • Jonathan Majors Damian Anderson
    • Wood Harris Tony ‘ Little Duke ‘ Burton
    • Florian Munteanu Viktor Drago
    • Mila Davis – Kent Amara Creed
    • Selenis Leyva Laura Chavez
    • Jose Benavidez Felix Chavez
    • Phylicia Rashad Mary – Anne Creed
    • Thaddeus J. Mixson Adonis Creed ( 15 ) ( as Thaddeus James Mixson Jr )
    • Spence Moore Il Damian Anderson ( 18 )
    • Tony Bellew ‘ Pretty ‘ Ricky Conlan ( as Anthony Bellew )
    • Patrice Harris Boog ( as Patrice Boogie Harris )
    • Ann Najjar Ann ( as Ann ‘ Mitt Queen ‘ Najjar )
    • Jacob ‘ Stitch ‘ Duran Stitch
    • Terence Crawford Lorenzo ‘ Nightmare ‘ Jones
    • Bobby Hernandez Conlan’s Trainer
    • Yahya McClain Damian’s Trainer
    • Lamont Lankford Damian’s Cutman
    • Corey Calliet Additional Creed Cornerman
    • Todd Grisham DAZN Broadcaster Todd Grisham
    • Maya Page Ring Girl
    • Kenny Bayless Referee Kenny Bayless
    • Jessica McCaskill DAZN Broadcaster Jessica ‘ Caskilla McCaskill
    • Jimmy Lennon Jr. Ring Announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr.
    • Mauro Ranallo Showtime Broadcaster Mauro Ranallo
    • Russell Mora Referee Russell MoraAl Bernstein Showtime Broadcaster Al Bernstein
    • Brianna Valeria Gonzalez Vazquez Ring Girl
    • Shayra Medal Ring Girl
    • Kimberly Davis Fight Interpreter
    • Tony Weeks Referee Tony Weeks
    • David Diamante Ring Announcer David Diamante
    • Christopher Lee Mannix DAZN Broadcaster Christopher Mannix
    • Andreia Gibau Ring Girl
    • Soraya Yd Ring Girl
    • Jessica Holmes KTLA Co – Anchor Jessica Holmes
    • Stephen A. Smith Stephen A. SmithBarry Pepper Voice Of Showtime All Access ( voice )
    • Canelo Álvarez Canelo Alvarez ( as Canelo Alvarez )
    • Fernanda Gomez
    • Aaron D. Alexander Leon ( as Aaron Alexander )
    • Kehlani Kehlani
    • Jeremy Lee Stone Teacher
    • Brian Neal Leon’s Friend
    • Corey Hibbert Leon’s Friend
    • James Harden Man At Golden Gloves ( as James Hardon )
    • Engle Files Golden Gloves Girl
    • Natasha Ofili Creed Family Chef
    • Jove Edmond Golden Gloves Barber
    • Michael A. Jordan Golden Gloves Referee
    • Rose Eshay Creed Family Caterer
    • Alan Boell Event Worker
    • Eli Joshua Adé Photographer ( as Eli Ade )
    • Butch Locsin Skeleton Of Color
    • Stefni Valencia Woman In Chavez Walkout
    • Bella Dee Woman In Chavez Walkout
    • Beth Scherr Mary – Anne Creed’s Doctor
    • Anastasia Wilson Mary – Anne Creed’s Nurse
    • James Sanders III Audience Member ( voice )
    • Walter J. Buck Boxing Official ( uncredited )
    • Jamel D. Chambers . Photographer ( uncredited )
    • Michelle Davidson Reporter # 2 ( uncredited )
    • Rick Nehls Driver ( uncredited )
    • Leah Haile : Mother ( uncredited )
    • Teófimo López ( uncredited )
    • Julia Llamas Boxing Match Attendee ( uncredited )
    • Michael Mincey Security Guard ( uncredited )
    • Pete Penuel Boxing Elder 2 ( uncredited
    • Candice Tracy Ross Biker ( uncredited )
    • Sherri Belinda Quinones Reporter ( uncredited )
    • Sage Shirley Boxing Match Attendee ( uncredited )
    • Eric Daniel Stumpp Guest ( uncredited )
    • Sam Zheng Bus Boy & Boxing Audience Member ( uncredite
  • Creed 3 movie Produced by ( 18 )
  • Ryan Coogler producer
  • Dezi Gallegos co – producer
  • Zinzi Coogler executive producer
  • Michael B. Jordan producer
  • D’Angelo ‘ D’Lo ‘ Louis associate producer
  • Sev Ohanian executive producer
  • Brian M. O’Neill line producer
  • Elizabeth Raposo producer
  • Adam Rosenberg executive producer
  • Sylvester Stallone . producer
  • Leo Volcy associate producer
  • Nicolas Stern executive producer
  • Music by Joseph Shirley
  • Cinematography by ( 1 ) Kramer Morgenthau
  • Film Editing by ( 2 ) Jessica Baclesse Tyler Nelson
  • Casting By ( 1 )Alexa L. Fogel
  • Production Design by ( 1 ) Jahmin Assa
  • • Art Direction by ( 2 ) Justin Allen ( los angeles )Jarrette Moats
  • • Set Decoration by ( 2 ) Christy McIrwin ( LA unit )Cara Price
  • Costume Design by ( 1 ) Lizz Wolf
  • Makeup Department ( 10 )
  • Production Management ( 4 )
  • Second Unit Director or Assistant Director ( 10 )
  • Art Department ( 35 )
  • Sound Department ( 23 )
  • Special Effects by ( 1 )Nicole Dillard Special Effects Technician Intern
  • Visual Effects by ( 58 )
  • Stunts ( 25 )

Why is Rocky not in Creed 3?


In spite of being the substance of the Rough establishment , Stallone decided not to show up in that frame of mind because of imaginative contrasts with maker Irwin Winkler as well similarly as with Jordan , in spite of the fact that he is . still a maker on the film . As per Stallone , the film had a lot more obscure tone that he disagreed with.

What is Creed 3 plot?

‘ Creed III ‘ ( 2023 )
Quite a long while in the wake of hanging up his gloves , Adonis reunites with cherished, lifelong companion and previous boxing wonder Damian Anderson ( Jonathan Majors ) , who’s burned through twenty years in jail and needs Adonis ‘ help at a title shot . This longshot story takes a dull turn and the buddies turn enemies .

is Creed 3 the last movie?

Future . On February 2 , 2023 , Jordan affirmed that a fourth Doctrine film was occurring ” without a doubt and that twist – offs were likewise being thought of.

What is Creed 3 age Rating?

PG – 13 The authority Statement of faith III UK age rating was affirmed by the BBFC as the delivery date shut in , and it’s been given a 12A endorsement . In North America it has been given an age rating of PG 13 and both mirror the subtleties for the past two movies in the series.

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