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How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency in 2022
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How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency So, In This Six-Part Blog, I’m Going to show you step by step how to start and operate and scale a. So I am incredibly excited for this post, look, it’s gonna be a little bit longer, this isn’t your typical 10-minute quick post.

I’m gonna go in-depth in this post to share with you each one of these six different segments, talking about digital marketing agencies, and really how to scale them.

So let’s go ahead and get started with this post. Now, first, I’m going to outline each six of these different areas, and then we’re going to go in-depth on them.So let’s go ahead and get started with this post. Now, first, I’m going to outline each six of these different areas, and then we’re going to go in-depth on them.

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience

• So the first thing we’re going to talk about here in this post is setting goals and expectations for digital marketing agencies. Essentially, how much money can you make? How much time will it take? What qualifications do you need?

• And then in section number two, we’re looking at determining what type of industry you’re going to excel in. So there are tonnes of different types of marketing. And we’re going to help you to decide which type of marketing you would like to focus on. At first when getting started.

• Then in section number three, we’re going to talk about building your online presence and becoming an expert. How do you learn how to market? This is a very serious question that we need to address.

• And then in Section number four, we’re looking at identifying your target clients. who do we choose to market for? Who do we decide to pick up as clients? Do we want high-end clients? Whether we want a dentist, a doctor, or a lawyer, there are many different ways to go about it. And you want to make sure that you’re picking up the right clients for your digital marketing agency.

• Then in Section number five, we’re talking about building your team. Do you need to know how to do all of this? Or can you outsource some of it, who you want to hire, you want to hire family friends, there’s just a lot of different ways you can go with that as well, that you want to be careful with.

• And then in section number six, which is probably my favorite, is going to talk about getting your first client and then scaling from there, basically talking about growth strategy, and how to grow this digital marketing agency from $0.

Today to something that may be perhaps is making you hundreds of 1000s of dollars per month. And trust me, that is very possible. Now, before we get into each one of these sections, you can feel free to skip around if you’d like.

But before we get into each one of these sections, I need to make a couple of quick disclaimers. I, first of all, have nothing to sell you here. Okay, there’s no big online course.Honestly, I don’t think you have to pay someone to learn how to scale and operate a digital marketing agency.

I remember when Ty Lopez came out with his digital marketing course, way back in like 2014, or 2015, I took it. And you know, I thought it was kind of helpful, but I don’t think it was worth the cost that I paid for at the time.

So I don’t think you have to spend any money to learn how to grow a marketing agency.So this truly is the best business for anyone to start. You don’t have to have any experience, you don’t need a college degree, you can be anyone you know, me, you anybody can do this. And so this is why I love digital marketing agencies as a business to start.

And I think the best part about this is that there’s not going to be much money upfront that is required to start this, maybe you want to have a website, maybe want to have some different types of software, but for the most part, your costs are going to be very low.

This is why I like digital marketing agencies over something like an eCommerce business, or even like a brick and mortar business where you have to get like materials and equipment and you have to pay for products.

And then you have to worry about cash flow with digital marketing agencies, you can bootstrap this from the beginning. And there’s just not a lot to lose there. Besides perhaps. maybe you are time if you give this a go. And you try it for six months, and it doesn’t work out. Worst case scenario, you probably learned a lot, okay, and maybe you didn’t make a lot, but you learned a lot.

That is the absolute worst-case scenario from this.So let’s get started with this, I recommend taking out a pen and taking out a piece of paper because we’re going to talk about a tonne in this post. Okay, so let’s go ahead and let’s start with setting our goals and expectations. So there are a few things first of all, before we talked about entity formation and everything else, let’s first of all talk about.

how Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies Make Maney 2022 (Best)

So when my brother and I started ours years ago, our goal really was just to pay for college, we want to just, you know, diversify away from some of the other stuff that we were doing our other businesses, and we want to just pay for college.

So we wanted to just make five or $10,000 per month, which was, you know, really a big goal for us. And I would say that with digital marketing agencies look, you’re not going to make $100,000 Next month, unless you’re, like smarter than Einstein.

You’re not gonna make $100,000 Next month, but I can tell you this that if you put your effort into it, I believe that anyone within 90 days can be making $10,000 per month with a digital marketing agency and I’m going to lay that out with like the Blueprint here today, in this post, of course, all of this being free. Okay.

So how much money can you make with it?I think On the lower end, you can make a few $1,000 per month if you want to just do this passively, like keeping your day job or staying in school but then also running some marketing for a couple of brands, picking up a few clients, getting them on retainer.

We’ll talk about pricing structure later in this post as well. But I think from the lower end, you can make a few $1,000 per month. And I’ve seen people make hundreds of 1000s of dollars per month with their digital marketing agencies.

Now we make five figures monthly with our agency. And we decided to keep it at a certain level, where we have pretty much all of it outsourced, we have people running it. And I don’t have to do much today, because I don’t want to scale that agency past that.

But you know, that’s another topic for another day as well. But you can get it up to something that’s making you maybe 20 3040 $50,000 per month, and then eventually automated so that it’s just making you money while you go and work on other business ventures or just go on vacation and have fun.

That’s also possible. And we’ve done that. Okay, so getting deeper into this topic of setting goals and expectations, you need to think about who is going to be in this business is it just you who Started this digital marketing agency, maybe you are talking about it with a friend or a colleague.

or maybe one of your siblings or somebody in your family, I’m gonna give you just a couple of quick pointers here, when it comes to starting businesses because I have dozens of companies, it’s just kind of like a big mess right now. But I’ve dozens of companies, I can tell you this, that you want to be careful starting a business with a friend, because I’ve seen businesses break up friendships, and you can be both on the same page at first.

But over time, as you run a business, it kind of just changes dynamics and friendships. And so I would recommend against starting a business with a friend, especially a close friend because I’ve just seen it so many times where your friendship ends up getting ruined because of the business.

It just happens time and time and time again, that I’ve seen. So, you know, I started my business with my brother, and pretty much all my businesses, I start with my brother, because I can trust him, we’re on the same page with everything, I know, we’re not going to cross each other. that’s just personal, but just be very, very selective of who you start a business with, and who’s essentially getting equity in that business.

If you do a 5050 split on a business with your business partner, and two years from now you realize, hey, I’m doing all the work, my business partner doesn’t do anything, and they’re getting half the money. And you might be kind of upset about that. But you know, if they own half the business, they get half the money.

So you just want to be selected on it. And I think that it’s best to either keep the business 100% to yourself or maybe bring in one other person. But don’t try to start a business together like your eight friends, it’s just going to go wrong, the fewer people there are, the better, you want to maintain maximum equity in the business.

If you want to bring other people on, you can bring them on the sort of as like, like consultants or freelancers, but try to retain as much equity of the business as possible. And, you know, we’ll talk about entity formation here, right now in this point as well.

So when you are starting a company, as a digital marketing agency, you’re going to probably want to form something called a limited liability company. This is an LLC. Now I’m not a lawyer, just a guy on the internet. So make sure you do your research on this.

But typically, we like to start limited liability companies, instead of just using our name. When we are running a business, especially something like a digital marketing agency, there are two reasons for this one for tax reasons. And too because in the in the company, their limited liability company, it’s going to, in some cases, hopefully, defer liability to the company.

So let’s say that you’re running a marketing campaign for a business, the campaign goes wrong, and that company ends up getting sued because of some marketing mistake that you made.And then that company tries to sue you.

Well, if you’re running this through your business, you should be somewhat okay because they can sue the business, and maybe the business will go down but they can’t come after your assets in your bank account. And this is why I love digital marketing agencies. Because when it comes to time commitment, it’s really up to you.

As I said, you can have this as something that you’re doing maybe for five or 10 hours per week after school or after work. or you can make it a full-time thing where you’re working 80 hours a week on, it’s really up to you. And that’s what I love about the flexibility of something like a digital marketing agency. It’s not like you have a physical store where you have to be there from 8am to 5pm.

And you know, deal with customers every day all day, you can do this really kind of on your own, however, you see fit. Alright, now we’re getting into section number two, which is determining the type of marketing that you are going to focus on for your digital marketing agency.

how to start social media marketing agency 2022 ( Powerful )

So I’m going to tell you right now, the biggest mistake that anyone makes when they start a digital marketing agency, or Social Media Marketing Agency, or whatever it might be, the biggest mistake that I’ve seen people make is they try to be a jack of all trades, they try to be a full-service agency from day one. Now, I think this is a huge mistake, okay.

And I say this because I tried this, when I started way back with our agency like in like 2015, we tried to be a full-service agency. But we did not know what we were doing. And we were mediocre, we were average at all these different things.

And so instead of trying to be average at all these different things, I suggest focusing on a couple of key specific areas and getting good at them. And then eventually, as you scale your business, as you bring on more clients, maybe you can start hiring more employees.

And then you can venture into a couple of different areas that you know, maybe you’re not an expert in at the time. So let me just give you a rundown of some of the like kind of primary areas for marketing. We have things like social media marketing, this is pretty straightforward.

And the great thing is a lot of people can do this, this can be running social accounts for companies, whether this is Instagram, Facebook, tik Tok, Snapchat, Twitter, or any of the other different types of social platforms out there, running social media marketing for companies, look, there’s always going to be money in this.

And you can always pick up clients, just one example here, you know, just look at like your local ice cream shop, you go into the ice cream shop, you say, Hey, let me run your TikTok let me blow it up, make sure that you know you get tonnes of new clients.

And we can do all this through social media, you get them on a retainer, maybe $1,000 a month, $2,000 a month, you start bringing them clients, and they’re gonna be very, very happy, right? That’s just one small example thereof social media, and how you can get good at social media marketing.

Now, this is also helpful if perhaps, maybe you have a TikTok account that has blown up and you have hundreds of 1000s of followers on there, you can easily kind of convert that into social media marketing for other businesses.That’s just another example there. Okay, social media marketing, that’s a huge area that you can focus on.

Another one is going to be search engine marketing or paid advertising in general. Okay, so paid to advertise. This is also pretty straightforward in the name, basically running ads on all these platforms, whether it’s on Google or a YouTube ad before this video, or maybe you’re running ads on Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, right?.

You can run ads in so many different places, but paid to advertise and actually in the physical world as well paid advertising, even though billboards or through like your local newspaper. Sometimes those do work, trust me. But running paid advertising for companies, you could do this in the same setup.

And we’ll talk about pricing and basically how to build companies and how to determine prices. But with paid advertising, you can also set something up like a retainer, for example, you say, Okay, give me $500 a month, or $1,000 per month, and I’ll run the ads for you. That company pays for the ad spend as well, but you have them on retainer on top of that. That’s another great option there. Okay, the third category that you can focus on is something called.

Search Engine Optimization On Google Services

So search engine optimization is trying to rank a company’s website very highly in typically Google search, or the second largest search engine is going to be YouTube search. Okay, so when I go onto Google, and I type in dermatologist in Philadelphia, whoever is coming up number one in that spot, that’s not just luck.

I mean, if you’re showing up number one on Google for a highly competitive search term that is worth a tonne of money. And companies are willing to pay a lot of money to anyone who can help them get to the top search result on Google or even on YouTube.

And so if you can learn how to hack that, how to get good at that, trust me, this is another thing that it’s gonna take time to learn. And in section number three, we’re talking about you know how to become an expert.

But search engine optimization is probably my best field, I have a really solid understanding of it, just because we’ve been running blogs and websites and YouTube channels for almost a decade now. So this is one that we offer to some of our clients because we just have a really solid understanding of it.

Email Marketing Examples Agency

Alright, so another option is going to email for marketing. There’s so much money in email marketing. And many companies just don’t know how to run an email campaign. So this is one that I’ve, I’m not an expert with email marketing, right.

And so because I’m not an expert with email marketing services, I hired somebody else to run some of my email campaigns for one of my other businesses. So instead of me trying to do this myself, I just outsource it to someone else. But email marketing is a huge one, you can make a lot of money on this, especially actually.

if you want to do this, I would target influencers or brands that have like big social followings, and they just don’t know how to build email funnels and lead funnels in general. So email marketing, the huge money in that you can focus on that become an expert in our field, and make a tonne of money.

Web Development Agency

Another one. web development. Look, if you already know how to make websites, beautiful, that’s great. If you don’t, don’t worry, we have tonnes of posts on this blog that can show you that multi-hour-long posts that can show you how to build websites.

And so if you want to learn how to do that, you know, you can check out some of those posts, I’ll link to them down below. But if you get good with WordPress, you can build websites for businesses.

I mean, you know, a lot of businesses need websites, and it’s a pretty tedious job, like building websites is not very fun, right.So there’s money in that for people, if you have a digital marketing agency that focuses on building out websites for your clients.

And then you know, you can even bundle that in with like search engine optimization, and just make packages from that. Okay, now there are two other fields that I just want to briefly touch on here.

PR Agency For Startups 2022

One of them is something like public relations. or also known as PR. So there’s big money in this, okay, running public relations for people or companies. To get the word out about something, I find this works well for authors, somebody who just wrote a book.

if you can find a way to connect with them and say, Hey, let me run PR for you, I’ll get you into the newspaper, I’ll get you on to you know, Forbes and Yahoo, and Business Insider, and I’m going to make sure that you know, we’d lined up 50 different podcasts for you.

So you can be a podcast guest, and all these different ones to help you with PR, this isn’t really digital marketing as much, but it’s still one that I think is a great opportunity.

And it’s honestly overlooked in a lot of cases, is running a PR agency, I love this, we’ve done this for several clients as well. It’s just honestly really fun to just see kind of like how far you can hack the news.

And next thing, you know, your client ends up on like, you know, CNN or Fox News or something, and they’re just like, you know, it’s crazy what you can do in the PR industry, with public relations, okay, so that’s another field you can focus on.

Graphic Design Agency

And then another one is something like really focusing on graphic design, which, you know, you could say, as a graphic design business, but you still could make a lot of money from a graphic design angle with digital marketing.

So as you can see, these are just some of the different possibilities and routes that you can take with a digital marketing agency from this list. And you know, you could probably add 10 others on this list as well, that are much more niche down and specific.But from this list, I recommend picking two to three of these different categories.

And saying, I’m going to focus on me specifically at first, and then eventually I can scale out and learn all of these, but I’m gonna stick with just two to three of these right now, and scale-out later. Okay, because like I said, the biggest mistake people can make is by trying to be a jack of all trades, and do all of them at the same time. Okay.

because I’m assuming that you don’t are an expert right now, at all of these, right? So unless you’re an expert at all of them, go for it, just launch it, but if not, then stick to one or two. Okay, so that is leading us into section number three here, which is to build your online presence, and also how to become an expert in the field of digital marketing. All right, so there are a couple of routes we can take with becoming an expert and building our digital presence.

Jobs In Marketing Agencies Best

Now, the first thing that we can do, and I think the best option, but the one that probably a lot of people don’t want to hear is to become essentially an apprentice or an intern somewhere at another marketing agency. So you can learn the ins and outs of how marketing companies work.

This, people, aren’t going to like this, because it takes time, right. And you know, I’m sitting here saying, well, your best bet is to spend two years at a marketing agency, learn the ins and outs, and then go start your own two years. You may not want to do that.

So if you don’t want to do that, then the other option is you can do a lot of self-teaching, to become an expert in any one of these fields. That’s the beauty of the internet today in this world. So we have over 100 posts on this blog alone, that can help you along the way.

Whether this is how to run Google ads, how to run ads on Facebook, how to build websites or how to sell on Shopify. I mean, we have posts for all of these different topics.So I do recommend checking out some of those other ones and courses, and subscribing to the Ocean List Because you can do a lot of teaching for yourself.

For example, I taught myself a lot of these different marketing strategies, and I’ve just learned them over time. And sometimes you know, the best way to learn is through your own mistakes, which is hard to say because you don’t want to charge clients if you’re doing a terrible job.

And that’s why I think another great way to kind of learn how to do this is to offer your services for free for as long as possible until you can really build up rapport and also build up a lot of skills. So I think this is a great opportunity for a lot of people.

And you know, we’ll get deeper into this in section number six when we talk about getting clients and growth strategy. But if you want to learn how to do something, and you’re not sure how to do it, look, just go and offer it to a business for free or for very, very minimal cost.

And a lot of businesses aren’t going to take you up on that if you say, hey, I want to grow social media accounts, I don’t have any experience, but I’ll do it for free for you. If you go to a business, saying that a lot of them from my experience, will agree to it or you know, not every single one of them.

But I would say at least one out of 10 will say fine, you want to go run our social media for free, they don’t see any possible loss there. So they’ll let you go and do it. And then you start to build up those skills, you get better at it, and you learn over time.

And then eventually you can start charging, and you can leverage, maybe not that client that you did it for free, but you can use what you did for them. And you can then charge the business down the street to do the same thing for that other business. So that’s another great way to learn is just through experience just through making mistakes and learning the ropes yourself.

On top of you know, the theory and the reading books, I’ll leave a link to a couple of different books that I thought were great about marketing.There’s a good SEO book that I read for search engine optimization, you can read, you know, you can read some like Gary Vee books, or Neil Patel books, those are okay, I think they’re a little fluffy. But they can help you with certain types of strategies.

All right, now, you’re also going to want to make yourself look very professional. So you’re gonna want to build out a website for your business. Hopefully, you’ve already formed the entity through the Ocean List file or your state. And then you’re going to want to build a website and social accounts for your business immediately after you file for that LLC.

And so you can build a website on something like WordPress, it’s pretty inexpensive, or you can do it on Squarespace or Wix. You know, I think the easiest is to honestly just do it through WordPress, hosting it with hosting her. So there, we do also have a full tutorial on that, by the way, but I think that’s probably going to be the best setup for you, it’s going to cost you, you know, like two or three or $4 a month to have your website set up like that.

And just from learning how to build your website, you’re going to gain some experience, and then perhaps you can go build a website for some of the businesses in your local area for free. And then eventually, you know, just become an expert at that, right.

So that’s what I was just doing for that there are a couple of other things like Canva, I recommend signing up for Canva, learning the ins and outs of that, it’s going to be helpful for graphic design, if you wanna just put together some logos for some companies or yourself, then learn the ins and outs of Canva.

Also Webflow I love Webflow I think it’s probably it’s my personal favorite for building websites for companies, I don’t build any of these sites myself anymore, we just outsource all that, of course. But that’s my personal favorite for that is building websites with web flow.

And then also perhaps, you know, maybe you just want to get a free trial with Shopify, so that you can learn how to start a Shopify store, even if you don’t have one, maybe one of your clients in the future is going to want to do that.

And you know, you’ve already done that, because you’ve just practiced it with the free trial, he messed around for 14 days. And you learned a lot from that. That’s just another thing that you can do.

So basically, what I’m saying is go through, download all the different types of software, get the free trials, and learn the ins and outs of each one of these is going to help you to get some footing to start you off so that you can then eventually go and start doing some of this work for free for companies or businesses in your area.

And then you know, a couple of months after that, you can go and start charging companies for that. And I know that’s not like, some people aren’t gonna like that, that I’m saying go work for free. But trust me, it’s going to be the best option. If you go out without any experience, and you try to charge the business in your local area.

1000s of dollars to do something. Look, trust me, because I see this every day, I have family members who have businesses like restaurants and different businesses in the area.

And I would say probably at least 10 to 20 times per week, they get phone calls from people saying, Hey, I have a digital marketing agency, can I build a website for you, I see that you’re not you know, on, like, whatever, Yelp or something, let me help you out with that, let me help you rank with that.

And like, they shut all of them down, because they all just want to charge them money. And they just have so many people coming at them offering these services. So you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from all those other people.

And I think offering for free, right off the bat is going to be the best way to get your foot in the door. Okay, so now we’re getting into section number four, which is identifying your target client, who are you going to choose to have as a client as a customer.

How To Find A Client For A Digital Marketing Agency

look, I’m gonna give you just a quick hint here. You don’t want to have anybody and everybody that you can get as a client, you want to be very specific as to who you choose to work with.

Alright, so the most obvious one that a lot of people go for right off the bat is going to be doctors, lawyers, dentists, because, you know, when you look at these people, especially in your local area, they tend to be making a lot of money and so they’re willing to spend 1000s of dollars per month to get new customers because you know, let’s say that the lawyer in your area He is making $100,000 per month.

And you know, so they can have more budget there to spend on marketing to bring in more customers for themselves. Now, the issue with this, I think the reason why I wouldn’t target these people right away when you’re first starting, is because there’s just so much competition in this space of trying to get lawyers, doctors, and dentists, to run their campaigns for them what type of marketing this is, you know, it’s up to you.

But still, there’s gonna be a lot of competition, because what I was saying earlier is that, like, I know a lot of people who have these businesses, and they just get pitched so much on them that I think you’re better off focusing on some different fields, and kind of just skipping over like the doctor, dentist, lawyer space, unless you want to do that for free, just to gain some experience.

The other options here, are perhaps you could find target clients like big corporations.And when I say big corporations, I mean, like, really big, sometimes publicly traded companies, I’ve done this myself, where I’ve kind of Anglet more like a consulting gig. But we’ll go into FinTech companies because I have a personal brand.

Best Fin Tech Companies To Work For 2022 ( powerful )

So I’ll go into FinTech companies, and you can charge them $500 An hour $1,000. Now, that sounds kind of ridiculous, but you can, because corporations, they just have so much money like to them if they just have millions of dollars that they’re throwing around.

And so it is not a big deal for them to pay someone $ 500 per hour to find ways to better market their product, because it can be very expensive for them. So targeting corporations can be great.The problem with that is that it’s kind of hard to get your foot in the door like a big corporation.

I probably can’t say which companies I did this recently for because I’m under NDA, but some pretty big investing app that, you know, like, Yeah, can’t mention it. But you can do that, how to get your foot in the door. So maybe it’s hard to start with doing some marketing for big corporations. But there’s a tonne of money in that. Another one that I think is exciting. I’ve never done this myself, but I think it’s really.

Best Advertising Agency Political Ads Service 2022 power

exciting is political candidates, okay, you can offer a marketing service specifically for political candidates, there’s always going to campaign running at any time of the year, any time, like ever. People are always running for president in the Congress Senate.

And so I have a couple of friends who have done this, where they will get campaigns on retainer, they’ll say, Okay, I need $10,000 per month, and I’m going to help you 10 hours a week to run your campaign to do the marketing side of it, to make sure that we’re drumming up a lot of noise, and we’re getting crowds together.

And we’re just you know, running some of that marketing. And a lot of campaigns, you know, some of them has pretty tight budgets, but I’ve seen ones that can spend a lot of money because they’ve raised from a lot of super PACs, or they’ve just done something where, you know, they have a lot of money flowing in.

So political campaigns, I honestly just love politics. So I wanted to include it in there. But it’s one that I think is pretty unique, you’re not gonna have a lot of competition in this space.

If you go to everyone who’s running for Congress, in your state or your like tri-state area.and you approach them and say, hey, you know, I can help you with this, let me help you with your social media, like, you know, give me $4,000 a month, I’ll help you with your social media, I’ll make sure that this you know, 10x is and you’ll get so many more views and everything else. There’s a lot of money in that.

Ecommerce Businesses For Sales

Okay, another option here for target clients is something like an eCommerce business. So you know, let’s say that you approach people who have Shopify stores, or who are selling physical products, whether this is Ecommerce or actual physical products, like a store in your town, and you can help them to get online and to start selling those products online.

Both of those are great options. Alright, now I’m going to let you in on a little secret because this is my favorite type of client to land. And it’s going to be a startup, okay? A startup that just recently raised a tonne of venture capital, maybe they just did like a Series A or A-Series. B or A Series C.

and they raised a lot of money, maybe they raised a couple of million dollars, and they’re looking for growth or trying to get more downloads for their app, or, you know, whatever type of startup it is, they’re trying to sell more product, or they’re just trying to sell more software and get more users.

And I realized that startups have a bigger budget, and they want to spend it, they want to burn it because they’re trying to make more progress. The startup world is crazy. So I have a fund. So I, you know, I’m in this world quite a bit.

And so I’ve learned a lot about the startup world and seen just how many people are just burning money on marketing. And I don’t wanna say burning as if it’s a bad thing.

But there’s a lot of money flowing around after a startup raises around and you know, they have a few million dollars to spend, they’re looking to get growth, and they’re willing to basically like they’re looking for someone to help them market trust me like I know a lot of founders, and they all are like, hey, Nate, do you know anybody who can help us to market to get more users, and they have trouble finding people for that.

So if you kind of cater your agency to growth, especially if it’s like user growth, app growth, right, I think there’s just so much money in that and you can make 10s of 1000s of dollars per month from something like that.And it’s an angle that I just don’t see very often. A lot of these videos that I see on YouTube, like watching a couple of these about digital marketing agencies.

And a lot of people just, you know, say like, run Facebook ads for your local store, you can do that.But you’re gonna be maxed out to a certain point, I think just go for the big fish, right? I mean, try to get into some of these things like these, these startups or any of these corporations, you have to do some scheming, slide into some LinkedIn, DMS. But it is possible.

Best How To Build A Marketing Team Freelancers Works For A Digital Marketing Agency

Alright, so in section number five, we’re talking about building your team. So I want to keep this part pretty brief. Because I think when you are first starting, you really should, it should just be you or maybe some close associates, you probably don’t have the budget to bring On multiple people such as two full-time employees.

And so the way that I structured this, and that I would structure it again, if I was going to do it, again, is to do a lot of it myself at first, especially so that I can learn how to do it. But then I would just bring people on as freelancers. 1099 them, it’s just a tax term, you have them on 1099.

So that they’re not like actual employees, you just have them doing miscellaneous freelance work from time to time, maybe when you get overloaded. And you can outsource that to them. So all I want to do is build a team, and a network of people that you can reach whenever you need them, without a big head.

So I have a friend who has a digital marketing agency, and I don’t want to trash him here in this post. So I’m not gonna say his name. But he has like 30 Some employees, and they’re on w two like they’re on salary.

And that says the average salary of those employees probably, you know, save $60,000 per year times 30 people, that’s what like $1.8 million a year, but he’s spending in like just paying his employees, that’s stressful. He has all those people that he has to pay, regardless of how many clients he has. That’s why I like structuring it with 1090, nines, and freelancers.

So instead of having tonnes of employees, I like to just have a network of people.So I have probably a dozen different graphic designers that I can call up right now and say, Hey, do you want some work this week? Let me hit you with it go right, and I can just pay them for that week, I can pay them for that job.

And then you know, after that, I don’t have to worry about it. And you know, maybe won’t contact them for a few more weeks. And because they’re freelancers, right, so build a team of as many people in each space as you can.

To build a team of a bunch of graphic designers builds a team of a bunch of web designers build a team of a bunch of people who are skilled with copywriting, right? Like writing copy, or like, you know, this is great for like email marketing.

or for like, even like the copy on websites, basically just the wording, people who are good at writing, okay, so build a team of writers find half a dozen people who are good at writing, find some people who are good at even video editing or some other different things as well, right? Build this team, like lay this all out in a spreadsheet, that’s what I do.

Or you can even literally just have it on your wall. And you know, this could be two dozen different people that you can reach out to how do you find these people, you can find these people? Well, you know, I find a lot of them just through referrals and through friends.

But you can find a lot of them on a website like Upwork, I don’t like Fiverr, I think Fiverr the quality is pretty bad. So I don’t use Fiverr for any serious jobs that we’re doing. But Upwork, I think is excellent.

You can find some great people there. On top of that, you can just post a lot of people off of LinkedIn as well, I slide into LinkedIn, DMS, like every day. So when I see something that I like, I’ll just shoot them a message, you know, I’ll go find the LinkedIn, I’ll show you the message, and nobody messages on LinkedIn.

So if you see someone on Instagram, and you liked their stuff, and you message them on Instagram, you know, maybe they’ll respond. But you know, sometimes people don’t. So that’s why I slide into LinkedIn, DMS, I swear, it always works.

People don’t turn off notifications. For LinkedIn, it’s just a weird, weird thing.But it works well. Okay, so building your team, as I said, I would focus personally on freelancers, especially at first building that like big, big web of freelancers that you can reach out to at any time, but you don’t have a big overhead cost, because you’re not paying them every week, you’re only paying them when you need them for a job.

So if you get a job, you’re charging your client $5,000. And then you can go pay graphic designer, you can go pay someone else to do all this other stuff, and you can maybe pay them $1,000, and you making 5000 Making a $4,000 spread right there. That’s just one way to start to scale the business, right. All right, now we’re getting into the sixth section here.

Best Digital Marketing Agency Tips And Tricks 2022 powerful

which is talking about getting clients and a growth strategy. Now if you skip to this part, and you missed some of the other stuff in the past, I already did mention some things that I would do to get your first clients and I think the best thing to do is to work for free for your first few clients.

Okay, go in and offer whatever service you have, whether it’s social media marketing, or with paid ads, with email marketing, go into a couple of businesses and offer to them for free to do this for them.

You can even explain to them and say, hey, look, I’m not an expert at this, this is why I’m doing it for free. But it’s at no cost to you. There’s no downside for you. Let me just do this for you.

And let me grow your social media, you offer that to a couple of different businesses or people who are looking to grow, right? You offer that to them. If you grow them, then you can leverage that and start charging businesses money after you can do that, right.

So you say hey, look, this local business, I grew their Tik Tok account from zero to 60,000 followers, and they’re getting millions of views per month in the local area, I did this for them.

Now you go to the next business down the street and say, hey, look, this is what I just did for them, I can do this for you as well, it’s only going to cost you $1,500 per month for me to run your socials for you, right. That’s exactly how I would do that to start getting clients.

Because there are three ways to get clients and new customers, the first way is to just go in and just ask for cold emails, and cold calls, show up at the doors of businesses and just try to get clients that way. Now, this can work. And that’s exactly what you need to do for your first few clients.But eventually, you probably don’t want to be doing that.

Because what you want the sweet spot for getting new clients is through referrals because you’re already going to have some rapport, you’re or you’re already going to have some trust. So let’s say that you’re doing marketing for the ice cream business in your local area, and they love what you’re doing.

Now he tells the local chiropractor, hey, you know, this guy just helped me market my ice cream business.And I have so many more customers now they go tell their buddy who’s a chiropractor, and they go tell their buddy who owns a pizza shop. And now those people want you and they’re begging for you to work with them.

You don’t have to go in knocking on their door begging for them to hire you, they already are reaching out to you. So referrals are the absolute best way to get new clients. And that’s when you start to receive more money.This is when you are in more demand. So it’s just a way better thing for people to be asking you to work with them, rather than you begging them to work with you.

Okay, that’s always going to be the goal. And the third way to get clients is through paid traffic. Like if you want to run ads, for example, you know, like, let’s say that someone searches a marketing agency in Philadelphia, you can run an ad to show up number one on that a lot of people will click on that cost money.I don’t think you probably want to do that right off the bat, I would just do that if you have like extra bandwidth, and maybe you have, like, you know, just money to spend on that to bring in new clients.But I wouldn’t recommend running paid ads.

To get your first clients. I think the best way is just, you know, brute force going in, and like just trying to get a couple of clients for free. Okay, so we want to talk about a one really important thing here. And that is how much should you charge for your services.

So I’m going to tell you right now, the biggest mistake that people make with digital marketing agencies for charging and for pricing is they, as an agency owner, will just look at their expenses and say. Okay, well, how much time did this take me to do this service? And how much did it cost me? And then they just kind of like, add money on top of that to make a spread and say, Well, you know, it cost me $3,000 To do all of this for the company.

So let me charge them $5,000 This is not what you want to do.Okay, people do this all the time. It’s bad. You don’t want to do that. All right. Don’t look at how much you’re spending and then just add money on top of that you need Do it in the reverse.

Okay, you need to start by saying how much value is being created for my client? And then how much can I charge to make sure that I’m like getting as close as possible to the amount of value that I provide for my client. So for example, if you provide a service, and you are driving $20,000 worth of value to that client, because you’re just driving so much business for them, and they end up getting $20,000.

From that, you probably want to charge at least $10,000, right? So you don’t want to miss charge with this, okay? You want to charge based on how much value they’re getting, and how much it’s worth to them, rather than how much it’s costing you.And what this means is that sometimes you could be running at a loss.

So it’s in that this is why you need to be careful with businesses, especially if you start bringing on employees, like let’s say that, like your expenses for creating logos for a company, let’s say that your expenses are like $1,000 to create a logo for one of your clients.

But how much is it worth it for them, maybe it’s only worth it for them for $500 That’s the value that they put on a logo? So you need to find a way to make those expenses lower, or else you’re gonna have some serious problems because you have to see what everybody else is offering in your local area and what everybody else is bidding on the other marketing agencies that I’m referring to here.

So that’s the only thing you need to think about, well, how much are you driving? And then how close can you get to the value that you’re providing them versus your expenses and your overall price? Okay, that’s how I would do pricing. Okay, so those are the main things that we want to talk about in this post.

I hope you found it valuable. How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency If you did, make sure you drop a like and subscribe to the Ocean List. Let me know if you have any questions You can either shoot me a DM on Instagram, I’ll leave my Instagram up here somewhere, or you can comment down below as well.

Thank you Best of luck to everyone on

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