Christopher Maloney Naked for Advertising: The Veteran Actor then continued his exercises, which included meditation, yoga and kickboxing.

LOS ANGELES: Law & Order:

Special Victims Unit actor Christopher Maloney treated fans with his beef-up body as he took off his birthday suit for the fitness company's latest promotional video.

In a commercial released through the brand's YouTube channel, the 61-year-old can be seen doing his workout routine and his private parts are censored in pixels.

Some people seem to think the way I work is weird. Honestly, I don't understand," he said in the footage, aceshowbiz com reports.

I don't think using the Pilot app is weird, he argued.

Of course, they're known for their astounding hardware, however the application urges me to do a variety of activities.

Those who wear pants, and Christopher Maloney.

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