It was not the kind of morning that Jared Bedner 


and Colorado Avalanches wanted Instead of a champagne hangover, he and the rest of the ice crew boarded an early morning flight to Tampa on Sunday night to prepare for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final

In Game 5 last night at Ball Arena, Tampa Bay Lightning rained down boldly on plans for an avalanche parade.

Of course, Avalanche still has two chances to win a game, then it needs to pick up the most famous trophy. All sports.

A loss on Sunday, and it's Game 7 at Ball Arena on Tuesday night.

Avalanche is 0-5 in its last five Game 7. But there is nothing to worry about right? Avalanche could get a fresh body back in the form of Andrei Borakowski for Game 6.

He tampered with the team - unlike in Games 3 and 4 - and Bedner said he was likely to play again. It was also for Game 5, but it was decided not to play it.

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