the global digital health marketAccording to the latest report

According to the latest report and data, the size of the global digital health market is expected to reach USD 328.48 billion in 2028 and register a CAGR of 16.4% over the forecast period.

Increasing preference for personal medicines and adoption of mHealth technology are some of the key factors that are expected to increase market revenue over the forecast period.

In addition, the growing power of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality is expected to play a key role in increasing market revenue.



the development of accurate medicine

The rapid digitization of healthcare delivery is accelerating

The advent of digital technologies such as telehealth or eHealth tools is enabling health professionals to provide individualized or personalized diagnosis and treatment plans for patients.

Personal care is based on an individual's biomarkers, phenotypic, genetic makeup, and psychological traits

by targeting the individual patient's needs or improving treatment benefits or diagnostic performance accordingly.

This is leading to better treatment outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and improved care efficiency, which is expected to increase market revenue.

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