1. Protect yourself and your business.

The risk increases when you become a business owner

A disaster can disrupt operations, Death of an important member of your team or some other such problem may occur.

You may also face costly legal liabilities due to negligence or defective products.

CFP®can provide guidance on structuring your business, as well as advice on special insurance coverage that provides additional protection.

2. Make a duty plan that expands income and limits your expense bill.

CFP®This can help you take advantage of business structures, expense categories and tax credits to reduce your overall income tax.

3. Create a succession plan to guide future sales or the transition of your business to the next generation of management.

A CFP®professional can help you and supports the long-term success of the transition.

A CFP®professional can help you determine which qualified or nonqualified retirement planning strategies best suit your needs and long-term goals. 

4. Achieve your retirement goals.

Solid financial plan, professionally prepared, will help pave the way for a successful future for you and your small business.

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