The Golden State Warriors just won the championship, and they've likely been celebrating all offseason.

However, they may have some big decisions on the horizon.

The luxury tax is currently an issue for the Warriors, as there is so much money invested in their roster.

n fact, some have even suggested that the Warriors could trade Andrew Wiggins to keep Jordan Poole, who is younger and has more potential.

He is supposed to examine an expansion with Poole presently Letourneau composed.

In the event that somebody does or not it will really rely on the amount he requests.

If he wants at or near the maximum, the Warriors may prefer to play things out and be limited in 2023. Can wait until hitting free agency.

By pausing, the Warriors give themselves more choices, he composed.

Perhaps Wiggins is battling and can spend the following summer at a diminished rate.

Maybe the Warriors decide they can't keep both Wiggins and Poole, so they start looking for trade packages that include Wiggins.

Hopefully, though, we see the Warriors find a way to keep all three players.

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