Learned During

The Pandemic

Passengers are making more conscious decisions about their travel experiences in the post-epidemic world including their preferred mode of transportation and where they stay.

The authors are looking at the trends they are seeing, wondering if everything will return to normal or whether they are witnessing a permanent and rapid change in behavior.

Companies are deeply considering how and what they need their business models to accelerate their path to sustainability.

Destinations are frightened by the return of tourists and are once again grateful to receive dollars that drive economic growth and jobs.

This wide range of flexible customers offers an opportunity to build a more sustainable type of tourism around messaging for destinations.

that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, which visitors.

Meets the needs of industry, the environment and hosts. Hiding behind the general message of "tourism is the power of good" is no longer acceptable.

Sustainable or Sustainable?

This is still the question in the post-epidemic world.


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