Known as a dying professional footballer for his explosive turn as Sonny Corleone in The Godfather and in the TV film Bryans Song (which won him Oscar and Emmy nominations, respectively).

Yes, Caan gave dozens of people a remarkable Maximo. Movies and shows. In Misery, he was a famous writer who was imprisoned by Kathy Bates. 

In the Gardens of Stone, he was a desperate Vietnamese doctor guarding the tomb of an unknown soldier. 

In Elf, he played against Typing as a failed children's book publisher who is also the father of the main character.

After debuting in theater and television, Caan exploded like a comet in Hollywood, appearing in films by some of the.

most famous authors of the era, including Howard Hawks (El Dorado), Robert Altman (Countdown) and Francis.

Includes Ford Coppola (The Rain People). The eruption of his initial success led to a period of both personal and professional difficulties.

Caan married and divorced several times, debated the seat, and publicly struggled with drug use and depression.

He turned down several films that would be important toother actors.

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