With Kevin Durant now in the commercial market, many teams will be interested in Netstar. However, it seems that it will be very difficult to keep it away from Brooklyn.


According to Sports Illustrated's Chris Manx, the Nets have set a very asking price for Durant, and they don't seem ready to go below that.

Brooke Lane's asking price, rival executives familiar with the situation told Sports Illustrated, is standing: a collection of two All-Star caliber talent and draft picks, Manx wrote.

If a team doesn't have it, the answer is, 'Go and get it, said one executive. Brooklyn doesn't have many teams with players and draft capital to pick multiple All-Stars and first-round draft picks.


Manx suggested that the Celtics could join, but that they would likely need to include at least forward Jillian Brown as part of the deal.

Without their own first-round pick for the next five years, the Nets will try to make the most of the Durant trade to avoid prolonged reconstruction.

This can be a very difficult deal for any other team.

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