The New England Patriots are unlikely to face Deshaun Watson this season, after Seve Robinson served a six-game suspension for the quarterback.

It seems wrong to talk about the football side of it, but it is a remarkable event for the situation on the field.

It's depressing to read and hear the endless allegations of Deshaun Watson's sexual misconduct.

Earlier today, arbitrator Sue Robinson, who was appointed by the NFL an NFLPA, ruled that Watson should be suspended for six games during the 2022 season.

The NFL was pushing for a full-year ban, so we'll see if commissioner Roger Goodell pursues it further.

The six-game suspension for Deshaun Watson removes him from games against the Panthers Jets Steeler, Falcons Chargers and Patriots.

Watson will be eligible to return on Oct. 23 against the Ravens.

He's in the fringe starter / high-end backup tier, so he can play quite a bit.

However, with the Patriots no longer having to.

deal with Deshaun Watson, they may be able to travel to Cleveland and steal a win from the team.

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