Jordan Brown has made another of his interventions in the cost-of-living debate, arguing

that energy firms that can't offer lower bills ought to be somewhat nationalized, to some extent for a brief time.

This is a similar approach to Emmanuel Macron's efforts in France, albeit much less. 

There, state-owned EDF has been ordered to limit price increases and is now to be fully nationalized at a cost of billions of euros. 

The attraction of such a process is delusional.

Anyone with memories of the 1970s will recall the problems involved in nationalisation.

Investment can be cut when the Treasury runs out of money, as it must compete with other areas of public spending.

Productivity and efficiency are poorer, especially if the industry is monopolized.

Any extra help he or she can offer this winter should be accompanied by a plan to comprehensively reform.

The energy market and reassess the broken principles and false assumptions that have kept Britain so vulnerable.

Has exposed that we cannot go forward like this, but neither can we go back.

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