Matchgroup Shares of the dating app operator fell.

as much as 23% after the company reported earnings of $795 million for the quarter, trailing FactSet estimates of $803.9 million.

Mech additionally issued a weak steering round adjusted for the running source of revenue and earnings for the current quarter.

Solaredge Technologies Solar inventory fell just 13% in sales after a disappointing quarter.

Solaredge reported EPS of 95 cents, according to FactSet, versus analysts' expectations of 88 cents.

Income additionally came in short of evaluations.

PayPal The bullish mass stock rose 11 percent after stronger-than-expected second-quarter results and an increase in its forecast.

PayPal further disclosed that it has entered into an information sharing agreement with Elite Management.

Starbucks The espresso chain saw its stock lift more than 2% after it reported better-than-expected quarterly results, despite lockdowns in China weighing on its performance.

Within the U.S., alternatively, overall Internet sales rose 9% to $8.15 billion and overall same-store sales rose 3%.

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