R&B singer R. Kelly Leighton is leaving the Criminal Court Building after a hearing in Chicago on June 26, 2019.

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Disgraced R&B star R.Kelly was condemned to 30 years in jail on Wednesday.

He was condemned in New York by Federal Judge Ann Donnelly, who talked for a long time prior to condemning.

On one occasion, he quoted in court an influential statement by a woman known as Stephanie.


who told Kelly, There was no price to pay for your happiness for someone else. Could do.

The appointed authority said the case was not about sex. It's about violence, oppression and control.

n 2019, TV Documentary Surveying R Kelly renewed interest in allegations of sexual harassment against Kelly and gave a permanent push to activists who were pressuring Kelly to remove him from the

airwaves and stages Junte Cunningham, a defendant who appeared in Surviving R. Kelly, said after the sentencing: Girls, he did it for thirty years, and he got it for 30 years.

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