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Dick's Sporting Goods received online compliments for promising to help employees, overturning 

a 50-year-old US Supreme Court ruling that guaranteed access to abortion across the country.

In a devastating move, the US Supreme Court stripped the country of its abortion rights. As social media has been buzzing about the implications and consequences

of the decision, a sports company's announcement to cover the travel expenses of employees seeking abortion in another state has gone viral.

A picture of a pregnant pro-abortion activist marching in Seattle with a message on his shirt.

Thoughtful signals also affected the company financially, according to MarketWatch. Shares of Dick's Sporting Goods Inc. DKS rose 9.6% to + 8.40% in Friday afternoon trading

the report said, adding that "their stock rally" widened margins to their retail peers and wider stock market. Left behind.

Thankfully, other major companies and brands have also stepped in to pledge support. Alaska Airlines and JPMorgan, from Disney to Lyft and apply 

many others have pledged to cover travel expenses for abortions since the decision was overturned.