Tony Dow, the actor and director best known for playing Wally Cleaver.

in the hit series "Leave It To Beaver," is still alive, his family said Tuesday, despite a statement from his management team. He is dead.

And Dow's official Facebook page this morning Posted about the passing of dear Tony But the announcement has since been deleted

The entertainer's child Christopher Dow told NBC News in an instant message Thursday evening that his dad is still "in the clinic and in his last hours.

"Her family and friends are there," Christopher Dow said.

And thank you so much for remembering us in your prayers during this most difficult time.

Another Facebook post on Dow's official page by its management team attributed the confusion to miscommunication.

Dow battled depression in her 20s, created the self-help video.

"Beating the Blues" to help others, and later survived two rounds of cancer.

This is also very important for you He also became a sculptor and started a fine construction company.

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