According to a report published by The Information on Friday, Oracle has recently cut costs by 1 1 billion and, as a result, may have laid off thousands of its employees in early August.

The procurement achieved in 28,000 Cerner workers,as per the organization's site.

Oracle did not respond to CRN's request for comment prior to publication. [Related: 5 cybersecurity startups that recently laid off workers]

A spokesman for Oracle, aware of the situation, said the dismissal could have a "disproportionate impact"

on workers in the United States and Europe, including the marketing of software applications to customer service and e-commerce employees, the report said. Will be included.

Potential cuts also come as Oracle actively invests in the service of one of its key cloud users, the popular videoapp TikTok, which opted for the Oracle platform in2020.

Oracle will hardly be the only company to let the staff go this summer. 

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