That's billion with a "b".

Yes, we've all seen the stories about statistical odds of winning the lottery surrounding lightning strikes on the golf course during a shark bite.

It's not exactly, but something like that. But someone has to win.

First, you need to buy a ticket. Sale ends at 6:59 p.m. Arizona time on Friday, July 29.

So how do you know it's you?

Then cross your fingers and rub the rabbit's foot or else prepare yourself for what is likely to be disappointment, but you never know.

When is the Mega Millions drawing in Arizona?

The Mega Millions drawing is at 8 p.m. Friday Arizona time.

You can observe live on Mega Millions YouTube channel.

Lottery drawings in Arizona used to be broadcast live on local TV, but stopped when.

The lottery switched to a random number generator, according to the Arizona State Lottery Office.

If you miss a live drawing you can find the winning numbers on the MegaMillions website until the next drawing at 8p.m. Tuesday.

Good luck, and if you win, remember the little people.

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